ATEN develops and produces:
BallCopper pairs qualifiers, Selective Level Meters
Level Generators, TDR Fault locators
BallLine testers for xDSL services qualification
BallPortable testers for POTS lines and services
signaling and voice
BallTest-Head for local loop provisioning
and maintenance
BallTest equipments for CO Main Distribution Frame
and telecommunication labs

Nautical products:
BallEcho simulator for calibration
and maintenance of echo sounders
BallSolid state fridge Kit for sailboats
thermo-controlled by sea-water

Versione italiana
English version
NEWS 2016! ACT6000-PLCC
Advanced Communication Tester

for lines & AF/HF channels tests,
optimized for PLCC - High Voltage Power Line Systems
Certificato "UNI EN ISO 9001:2008"
rilasciato da IMQ/CSQ - Italia
Per Sistema Gestione Qualità

Certificate "UNI EN ISO 9001:2008"
relised by IMQ-CSQ - Italy
For Quality Management System