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This test Heads designed and produced by ATEN, allows to perform several telephonic metallic and transmissive measurements for qualification, management and maintenance of copper local loop and/or digital equipments for any service:
POTS - ISDN - T1 - E1 - HDSL - ADSL and ADSL2+
SELT "Single-Ended Line Testing"
By the "SAPE-KIT" inside, these test heads allows the "Single-Ended Loop Testing" for automatic xDSL line pre-qualification and maintenance, with slightest employment of field technicians and without the least trouble at the subscribers.
For accurate line qualification & certification are suggested the DELT " End-to-End" measurements, using a portable ALT2000 at the opposite side of the line.
The measurement results are displayed with high resolution graphics (320 x 240) where are also displayed the threshold areas, extracts form the international regulations, and Pass/Fail indication.
The TDR Faults Locator is optimized for various faults finding and location: permanent or random interruptions, open and short circuit, split pair, water ingress and others impedance mismatching. Power Spectrum Density
When selected the Hi-Zo input impedance (sniffer mode) the "Spectrum Analyzer" function allows to measure the bandwidth and energy of any numeric stream on the active line.
Download the PDF of ALT2000-OEM Brochure (zip file 404 kb)
Download the PDF of ALT-SAPE Brochure (zip file 599 kb)
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