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ACT6000 - New Video Tutorials !
Sure to offer a pleasant support on the best practical use of our ACT6000, we realized and loaded on Youtube some video tutorials.
For the moment are available:
- ACT6000 Part 1: Product Overview:, where are highlighted the main characteristics, functions and field applications;
-ACT6000 Part 2: TDR Fault Locator:, description of the internal Time-Domain Reflectometer that allows many tests for copper line finding, impedance mismatching and occasional troubleshooting as the micro-interruptions test;
- ACT6000 Part 3: SELT operation:, use of a single ACT6000 to perform a complete copper line qualification (electrics and transmissives tests, xDSL maximum bit rate evaluation included);
- ACT6000 Part 4: DELT operation:, use of a couple of ACT6000s to perform an accurate copper line certification (bilateral transmissives tests, xDSL maximum bit rate estimation included);
- ACT6000 Part 5: RFL Fault Location: , resistive insulation test and fault finding;
- ACT6000 Part 6: xDSL PSD:, use of ACT6000 to perform an high impedance Power Spectrum Density test on active lines to verify the stream energy of xDSL equipments, very useful also to verify the DBPO application on FTTCAB plants;
- ACT6000 Part 7: File management: , file-measurements saving and exporting;

ACT6000 Utility 1.90 - October 2017
This PC Utility, "beta version" compatible with Windows XP, it allows various functions to files import and export to and from the instrument connection via standard USB cable.
It requires the ACT6000 Software Release 1.25.000 (or next) installed!
To solve some compatibilities with last Windows version it is available the last release of the FTDI USB driver CDM211228
Please asks the possible information

ACT6000 CSV to PDF Converter 1.2.118 - August 2016.
It requires the ACT6000 Software Release 1.25.192 (or next) installed!

ACT6000 CSV-PDF Converter runs on the Intel[R] x86 or x64 platform (including compatible CPUs from other manufacturers) running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
ACT6000 CSV-PDF Converter is a JAVA[R] application, that requires the updated JAVA[R] installation !

ACT6000 -Spectrum Monitor 1.017 - September 2016
This (beta) PC Utility, compatible with Windows OS, allows the spectral analysis of "DATAFILE.LOG" produced and saved on the USB Pen-Drive by the ACT6000 using the new special function of its Spectrum Analyzer, defined as "Long Term Noise Monitoring".
It requires the ACT6000 Software Release 1.25.132 (or next) installed!
Please asks the possible information or password to:

ACT6000 - Application note for PLC "Power Line Carrier" Systems Tests

Application Guide for Telcos (copper pairs qualifications and maintenance).

Application Guide for lines, channels and TLC systems qualifications and maintenance.

ALT2000 vs ACT6000 Comparison List.

ACT6000 - Software Release "1.27.053"
January 2019.

Today is released a new Software Updating , for base and Advanced Software version (ASW-1/II).
Download the ACT6000 upgrade software 1.27.053
(.ZIP file of 2991 KB).

- Adopting the ASW-1/II and ACT-11 (POTS-SUB internal module installed on the ACT-12 - DMM module) a couple of ACT6000 tester allows the automatic DELT Telephone Test to test the Signalling criteria and Transmissive parameters of the POTS link according to M.1040 mask;

- Impedance Response also for unbalanced line/load;

- Correction of some Threshold Limits (Total Power RMS Noise) on some masks selected to perform autmatic or manual SELT and DELT automatic sequences;

- Correction of the F-MAX function available on the Spectrum Analyzer - Medium Band;

Inside the downloadable .zip file it is included the SW updating "FLASH_EN.BIN", the Cables Data-base "CABLEDAT.CSV", the installing instructions, and the PDF file of the updated User Guide 1.27.

The upgrade is protected by password !
Please asks the password directly to


The software release 1.26.113 allowed:
extension of the high band up to 35 MHz (ref. VDSL-Plus services) by the new ACT-13 (EBM30 internal optional module)

Besides, thanks to the same SW updating, using a couple of ACT6000 units, the possibility to launch a special automatic DELT sequence "EIA-464 4W E&M" to perform the Insertion-Loss and Noise level on special PCM systems (4 wires - with separate TX and RX unidirectional base band channels).

The software release 1.25.200 allowed:
- USB Interface optmimization for data-files uploading / downloading by "ACT6000 Utility" PC application;
- New special command to enable the accurate frequency value readout of the highest signal shown on Spectrum Analyzer window.

The software release 1.25.132 allowed:
- Multi-Marker implementation on any spectral analysis;
- Loop resistance measurement optimization;
- Some words corrections of German language.

The software release 1.25.102 allowed:
- Line Impedance Response on DMM menu (30 to 3200 Ohm / 5 kHz to 5 MHz band)-
...see at page 32 of the updated User Guide
- Long time Noise/Level monitoring on Spectrum Analyzer menu (on Medium Band 20 kHz - 6 MHz)
...see at page 37 of the updated User Guide

The software release 1.25.046 allowed:
- DELT - MASTER/SALVE fixing the synchronization loss after the possible SLAVE/MASTER inversion and for tests on very short line;
- Wires diameter - Extension up to 2,5 mm (or equivalent AWG) for the Cables editing.
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