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The Company
ATEN was founded in 1978 as manufacturer, installation and service provider for Navigation Aid Systems.
From the experiences in the maintenance field on the 80's ATEN decides to start the development and production of small, light and easy to use equipments for test and maintenance purposes.
From January 2002 ATEN (offices and production) has moved into the new facility located at 60 km south-east of ROME).
Actually are employed 15 people.
Our Products
At the end of 80's ATEN has on production HV2 & HV4 Radio Test Sets supported, to get additional audio performances, with AFT - Audio Frequency Tester and UTC - Universal Tone Codec, and on the 90's starts the production of its most successful instrument: the PAT100 for the Telephone lines, ISDN lines, devices and communications services.
On 97 starts the production of LT1000 & LT2000 a hand-held, easy to use and low cost instruments for field operation, to verify the quality of copper pair up to 2MHz. Last but not least is the ALT2000.
This instrument combining various kinds of transmission and signalling tests, may be considered up today the most advanced Test Set for qualify and maintenance of copper pairs used for various transmission systems: POTS, ISDN, HDSL, T1, E1, xDSL.
From the acquired know-how has been developed the ALT2000-MDF, a stand alone fixed equipments for CO Main Distribution Frame, configured for various trasmissive and metallic tests on copper lines and POTS links.
Finally has been developed a new pltaform and a first model named ACT6000 that replaces the previous ALT2000 model.
Our Customers
Up today the main Italian customers are Telecom Italia, Ministry of Defence, Police and Custom Police, Ministry of Comunications, Railway Company, AGIP, Alcatel, Alenia, ENEL (Electric Power Provider), Ericsson, Marconi / Selex, Technosky / Enav and others.
On the 94 first exports to UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, and others.
On 2000, on many countries of the world, starts the distribution of ATEN's Test Instruments by TREND Communications Ltd - UK (a part of IDEAL Industries Inc. U.S.A.).
Starting from 2010 a new distribution network has been organized and implemented (please looks the Distributors & Reps evolution).
Click here to view the "ATEN's products world wide penetration" starting from 1998.
Implementation of all products with the latest technology and devices like RISC Microcontrollers, Flash Memories, Digital Signal Processors, Direct Digital Synthesizers, PLDs, FPGAs etc.
12 January 2007, IMQ-CSQ - Italy has released the ISO EN 9001-2000 certification related to the ATEN's Quality System Management.
All ATEN products have been already tested and qualified for the CE marking.
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