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HXOS V - Echo Simulator

for testing and calibration of

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Ball ATEN has developed a new Echosimulator,
an instrument for the test and calibration of
marine echosounders and transducers.
Following its main performances:


Ball TX Pulse Det. and Power Measurement
Ball TX Frequency Pulse Measurement
Ball TX Width Pulse Acquisition
Ball Automatic and Manual Echo Freq. setup
Ball Automatic and Manual Echo Level setup
Ball Automatic and Manual Echo Width setup
Ball Fine Depth Steps setup
Ball Fine Sound-Speed configuration
Ball to perform:
Ball Go / No-Go test
Ball TX Power efficiency
Ball RX Level Sensitivity test
Ball RX Frequency Tuning test
Ball RX Frequency Selectivity test
Ball Graph and Value Depth accuracy test
Ball ...other:
Ball Transducer Finder included
Ball Easy to use, by dedicated commands
Ball Software update facility
Ball Resistant to water-drops
Ball Over 8 hours operation with battery


BallCase Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 210 mm; Weight: < 1kg.
BallPower supply: internal by NiMh battery pack; external 12 - 16 Vdc.
BallUtility: PC port USB for software up-date and setup.

BallEcho Pulse Frequency range: from 1 to 1000 kHz / 100 Hz step.
BallEcho Pulse Width: 0.1 to 100 ms / 0.1 ms step (by automatic detection) +0 - +90%.
BallEcho Pulse Level: -110 to -20 dBV / 3dB step.
BallIN/OUT impedance: 440 Ohm (balanced / unbalanced)
BallSound speed: programmable for each depth unit. (from 1400 1700 m/s).
BallDepth units: meters, feet, fathoms, portuguese fathoms.
BallDepth range:from 1 to 9999 units.
BallPeak Power meter range on internal load:
Ballfrom 10 to 2000 W @ 0.1% duty cycle;
Ballfrom 10 to 1000 W @ 0.2% duty cycle;
Ballfrom 10 to 400 W @ 0.5% duty cycle.
BallAutomatic/manual operation mode (Echo Frequency - Level Width).

Transducer finder:
BallFrequency resonation finding: from 1 to 1000 kHz / 100 Hz step (with Fo readout).
BallZo automatic detection: 40 to 1350 Ohm / 10 Ohm step (with Zo - module - readout).

Included Accessories: Nylon Carrying Case, AC-DC Adapter & Battery Charger, Echosounder Test Cable,
Transducer Test Cable, User Guide. Point
Donwnload the PDF Brochure and Application notes of HXOS-V (file 783 kb)
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