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ATEN was founded in 1978 as manufacturer, installation and service provider for Navigation Aid Systems.
At the beginning of 80's, on Assonautica request (National Association for pleasure sailing) and with the contribution of some local offices, like Chambre of Commerce and Provincial Council of Latina, ATEN produced and installed on the coastline of the south of Lazio, the first pilot plant of SEA SENTINEL, system for the automatic radio-localization of sea assistance and rescue requests.
On 1981 ATEN registered the trademark "SEA SENTINEL" and Assonautica proposed the promotion of this service for pleasure sailing all over the Italian coastline.
Its first control centre (Master Station) has been located nearby the Cooperativa Ormneggiaztori Circeo I°, by the Tourist Harbor of San Felice Circeo - Latina (central Tirrenian east-sector).
During time, thanks to this system, hundreds of sea assistances have been lent, always cooperating with local Coast Guard.
Recent events
The U.S. Coast Guard has recently diffused, by its web-site, the adoption of an equivalent system based on Automatic Direction Finder named "Rescue 21", oriented to pleasure sailing and that will be set up on the U.S. coastlines within 2012.
The North American Body choice, always seen as international reference point for sea rescue/assistance, strengthens the project, efficacy and topicality of SEA SENTINEL, differently from the imagery after the arrival of satellite systems like, for example GPS and equipment derived.
Here following we represent the model of the pilot plan and its renewed technical features now on stage to be re-designed for the integration of some important functions like Meteo Alert (using specific sea-meteorological sensors) and AIS and DSC data management.
Profilo azienda
Profilo azienda
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