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The intellectual property of all the literature which can be seen, and /or downloaded on this web site (texts, images, software etc.) belongs to ATEN S.r.l., except for other Companies' names, trademarks, products and services.
Aten S.r.l. will reserve to itself the right to modify, without any notice, texts, information, product features, images and whatever included in its intellectual property.
Aten S.r.l. is not responsible for possible material and/or moral damages coming from looking at , reproducing or using the literature mentioned above nor for the use of software which might be downloaded on this web site.
Part or complete reproduction of the literature already pointed out is not allowed if not authorized by Aten S.r.l.
No shareable areas between users is available on this web site. Data included in inquiries e-mailed to Aten S.r.l. by filling up the "FAQ & Contacts" format are not made public nor available to third persons.
Access Monitoring
A service supplied by our Provider allows to keep under control the access to our web site, in particular:
Hit count, report showing the number of hits produced by the parts making up the most requested pages.
Request count, report showing the number of requests on the web site according to the browser used for navigation.
Top requested pages, report showing a classification of the most requested pages of the web site.
Visit count, report showing the number of visits originated by an external domains.
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